Friday, July 1, 2011

For ‘Truth’ In Bahrain

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
The King of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, drew a road map for anyone seeking a way out of the current impasse when he addressed the Council of Ministers recently. With a genuine desire to find the truth, he asked an independent international investigation committee to probe into everything that happened in February and March.
This gigantic and civilized step is not new to the Bahraini monarch. Prior to the eruption of chaos in the Kingdom, he introduced a series of reforms in an attempt to bring everyone, including those who consider themselves the opposition, on board to build a modern nation. However, the opposition became arrogant and went on a rampage to implement its inordinate agenda, thinking it is possible to overthrow the regime that has been ruling the Kingdom for 300 years simply by liaising with Iran. It was an audacious step against a regime which, for 300 years, has been successful in making this beautiful island a safe haven, while ensuring peaceful co-existence between various sectors in the society, in addition to maintaining the nation’s stability and taking development initiatives.
The opposition even went to the extent of distorting facts to deceive the world and realize their evil objectives. They have been spreading lies through the satellite stations that belong to Iran, Hezbollah and some Iraqi organizations affiliated to the Mullah’s regime. They have committed atrocious crimes against the nation, such as killing the innocent and destroying facilities, yet they had the guts to accuse others of their own misdeeds! They have adopted the famous statement of Nazi Information Minister  Joseph Goebbles: “You say it enough and you repeat the lie, repeat the lie, repeat the lie, until eventually people believe it.” These evil people have lied, lied and lied. Nevertheless, their lies backfired on them when the silent Bahrainis cried for help and asked their King to save their properties, children and the nation itself from the devil’s advocates, who promised heaven yet pushed the people towards hell.
The Bahrainis took to the streets, asking for protection. The King responded by stopping the criminal acts of these villains, who rebelled against him even if he treated them with respect. The GCC fully supported the Kingdom; the outcome of which was brutal for the murderers and destroyers, because the implementation of their wicked agendas has been foiled. Despite this, they did not stop from propagating lies.
King Hamad’s announcement on the formation of an independent fact-finding committee, which comprises the best legal practitioners in the world, is a clear indication that he wants to know the truth. In this way, there will be no falsification or deceit for the evil-doers to realize the troubles they have brought upon themselves. The actions of some nations, which have been making false claims, will be exposed soon. The whole world will know who killed who; who burnt who; who is not loyal to Bahrain; who destroyed which building, invaded hospitals and killed innocent Bahrainis. All the facts that they have been trying to conceal through lies, falsification and deceit will be exposed, including those who brainwashed the children into disobedience, closed Bahraini schools, maimed security officers and terrorized women and children.
Bahrain is wide open and transparent for everyone. Those who helped the Kingdom preserve its security know what really happened. The weak-hearted men thought they could take over Bahrain within two to three weeks. They thought they could turn it into an affiliate of the greatest evil, but this will never happen!
-This commentary was published in The Arab Times on 01/07/2011
-Ahmed Al-Jarallah is the editor-in-chief of The Arab Times and of the Kuwaiti Daily Assyassah

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