Monday, May 9, 2011

Palestine: A Last Test For Mesh'al

By Ahmed al-Jarallah 
This commentary was published in The Arab Times on 09/05/2011 

The political leader of Hamas Movement, Khalid Meshal, has realized that Israel is the common enemy after spilling the blood of Palestinians through the guns of his men in Gaza and drowning their issue in the sea of disagreements in favor of the joint Syrian-Iranian agendas. He has wasted many opportunities to enjoy the blessings of the Arabs and the international community with regards to the pronouncement of the legitimacy of Palestine as a country. This would have ended different stages of injustice in the history of Palestine. However, there is no problem because Meshal expressed guilt recently, even if it is indirect or a way of grabbing an opportunity that may not present itself again. It is better late than never.

According to the political principle of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, “There are no permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests”. If making peace at this period serves the interests of Meshal and his movement; while the Muslim Brotherhood is making waves in Egypt, the strength of Iran retrogresses in the region and the popular demonstrations weaken the Syrian government, he should realize that preventing the bloodshed of Palestinians by those struggling for power is not negotiable. There is no justification for preventing Palestinians from defending themselves against the Israeli attacks. 

Somebody might believe that the Middle East is the land of lost opportunity, because there are good and bad Arabs. Some of them suffer due to the unscrupulous acts of those who prioritize personal interests over national welfare. Therefore, their ranks break up easily, leading to disagreements on the Palestinian issue.

Meshal has been oblivious to this fact for several years, resulting in huge losses because the games played by Iran have thwarted attempts to serve the interests of Palestine. We hope the peace pact is sustainable, leaving no room for the Hamas Movement and their supporting organizations to spoil it through altercations in case the wind of change sweeps through the region again. We wish the unnecessary trumpet-blowing will not lead to the division of Palestinian blocs upon the orders of the ‘illicit traders’.

Meshal and his associates should prioritize the unity of Palestinians for them to speak with one voice, if they really want to serve their country. This has been a serious concern for Israel, because its top officials have expressed ill-feelings towards the unity of Palestinians.

On the other hand, Meshal and his associates are currently undergoing a litmus test, the results of which might not be fair for them. The Palestinians will not forgive them, if they return to their old ways.

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