Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kuwait: They Never Tire of 'Aggravation'

By Ahmed al-Jarallah   
This commentary was published in The Arab Times on 10/09/2011 

HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah has formed his seventh government based on nationalistic perspectives. He has a list of things to do in line with broad lines drawn by HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah in his speech during the swearing-in ceremony. He has hammered home the need to confront this very delicate period in our national work. This is what our lawmakers must understand. Some of them should stop pushing the country towards political stalemate and risks that only God knows where they will lead us.

We are now tired of reminding the lawmakers of their national duties, including the need to fully abide by the Constitution, as if we keep on repeating a certain lesson to pupils in elementary schools. It is, therefore, very nauseating to hear threats and attempts to bring the nation down through interference in the jurisdiction of its leader and the constitutional authorities. Their affront on all authorities is appalling, as if these lawmakers are ignorant, or rather, they pretend not to know that the Amir alone has the power to choose his assistants in the executive authority, while the prime minister has the right to determine who enters the government based on the person’s capability, and the National Assembly is there to monitor the activities of ministries and hold erring ministers responsible. These are the fundamental principles of democracy and the separation of powers, which should not be repeated to those who are supposed to explain the functions of each authority to the people. They should not force us to remind them several times, unless their aim is to deliberately impede the activities of the institution in its entirety, in order to topple the Constitution and usurp the authorities and prerogatives of the Amir and the prime minister.

When the Amir puts his trust in Sheikh Nasser to head the government due to “his competence and ability to take on big responsibilities”, no one should have the nerve to challenge that. Do some lawmakers want us to become like Egypt where the government was formed at the Tahrir Square? Or like Lebanon where the government of national unity has been subjected to the threats of heavyweights and collapsed, bringing the whole nation down with it? It seems these lawmakers do not realize that no Kuwaiti will allow a government with hands tied up and manipulated by an outsider. What the events have proven over the last years is that the lawmakers have been prolific in instigating chaos. This will definitely affect the seventh government, which has been subjected to threats and intimidation even prior to its formation.

This exposes the sick intention which originated from the selfish interests. If the child, an uncle, a cousin or a niece is not appointed minister, the lawmaker calls the head of the government. If the doors of a ministry are not thrown open for illegal transactions, promotions and appointments, war is declared on the Cabinet.

On the other hand, we hope the premier and all ministers will focus on their work, instead of paying attention to the noises created by detractors. If they do this, a majority of Kuwaitis will support them. However if they give in to threats and allow the dust of intimidation to overwhelm them, then they will become ‘endangered species’. This is even more dangerous at a time when they have mountains to climb, considering the regional chaos, which should be prevented from affecting Kuwait.

The ministers must also work on the development plan and protect from the troublemakers.

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