Monday, September 5, 2011

Lebanon: ‘Hezb’ Chief An Exploiter

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Without a doubt, Hassan Nasrallah rubbed the back of his neck when he saw the slogans raised by Syrian protesters, threatening to retaliate against him. He realized right there and then that the end has come for the regime he adores and this also signifies his own end. He quickly changed his tone and language, shamefully acknowledging the right of the Syrians to demand for reforms. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadine-jad and his Foreign Affairs Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, took a similar step when they realized that Damascus has been freed and they were doomed to failure.
Nasrallah is no longer the leader who stirs the emotions of his subjects; he has become a mere mouthpiece that disturbs the people of Lebanon, particularly the Shiites, with irrelevant issues. He realized the truth at the last celebration of his party when the people turned their backs on him because they saw the true colors of the so-called resistance leader who killed children in Syria and described the assassins of Rafiq Al-Hariri as martyrs; thereby, making them ‘untouchables’.
As expected, Nasrallah does not differ from his kind. When he was pushed into a tight corner, he revealed his true identity as an exploiter who uses religious and resistance slogans to achieve personal goals. He helps the members of his party commit atrocious crimes in cold blood and make money out of the suffering of the Lebanese. They have not realized that everything has an end, while their own end comes with the torture of the people. The claimer of ‘divine victory’ has been searching for a place to hide. He is surely pondering on the escape of Muammar Gaddafi from the rage of the Libyans. He must be baffled by the manner in which the self-proclaimed ‘king of African kings’ suddenly became a fugitive, running away from international justice and the people’s verdict. Both of them have delusions of being great and untouchable leaders of their people, so they committed horrible crimes that are unprecedented in recent history.
In his latest praise for the Syrian regime, Nasrallah failed to take into consideration the fact that the regime has, in the past, committed massacres in Lebanon, especially the Shiites. Despite his ingenuity, he could not convince the people of Lebanon when he spoke about Syria’s alleged support for the resistance movement. How can someone, who has suffered the worst kind of torture at the hands of Syrian intelligence agents and is still searching for his loved ones in various prisons of the Syrian regime, be swayed by mere words of praise for his tormentor?
The Lebanese should know that they are no longer subject to the dictates of others. The Arab Spring has introduced a political coup d’état against Nasrallah and Michel Aoun who have become very weak. It is now time for the people, who endured the unjust acts of these leaders for a long time, to overcome their fear and take to the streets to demand for appropriate steps to put everything in the right perspective.
Lebanon is in dire need of an efficient government with the ability to protect the entire nation from the adventures of the hired mercenaries who have been committing atrocious crimes to serve the interests of the terrorist regime. The last thing the Lebanese need is a government backed by Hezbollah in fighting the international community to please Tehran and Damascus, which have become more isolated due to the zealousness of the Syrian revolutionists.
-This commentary was published in The Arab Times on 05/09/2011
-Ahmed Al-Jarallah is the editor-in-chief of The Arab Times and the Kuwaiti Arabic daily Assyassah

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