Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kuwait: Port Of Bubyan ‘Threat Immune’

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Unfortunately, the Iraqi government, represented by its head — Nouri Al-Maliki, has followed in the footsteps of Saddam Hussein’s regime in harming relations between Kuwait and Iraq.
This is contrary to its previous statement that such an era has gone forever. The crisis it has instigated due to its objection to the construction of Mubarak Al-Kabeer port is considered a setback, especially since Al-Maliki himself examined the project during the Kuwait-Iraq Joint Committee meeting in May.
At the time, several ministers clearly stated the port is not a threat to sea navigators in the Arabian Gulf.
The ministers confirmed then that the Iraqi waterways will not be affected by the project, only to take a U-turn and adopt an opposite stand later. They have opened the door to conflict between the two countries. It seems they chose confrontation after getting tired of futile attempts to dodge sanctions imposed by the international community. They have been trying to reawaken the dreaded era of a chilly relationship between Iraq and Kuwait.
Over the last nine years, the Iraqi blocs have submitted themselves to the whims of Iran; thereby, missing the great and historic opportunity to build a modern nation to improve the living conditions of citizens, who have suffered so much at the hands of cruel and corrupt regimes. These blocs have opted to be enmeshed in bloody games and destruction, pushing the country into chaos in the interest of Tehran. The port crisis is just one of the incessant attempts by Iran to wreak havoc in the region, particularly since the port will be built on Kuwaiti land.
Implementing the port project is not merely an exercise of sovereignty by Kuwait; it is a bid to execute one of the largest development projects in the northern part of the Gulf. Actually, the project will benefit Iraq first, before Kuwait, because it will greatly contribute to the development of all areas along the port. This is a fact the Iraqi blocs cannot comprehend, because they cannot see beyond what the Iran Revolutionary Guard leaders portray. The sectarian war, the unending massacres, and spread of corruption in all Iraqi institutions, are enough proof.
The real situation on ground no longer leaves room for discussion with these people. We believe their ‘geographical fate’ will not be altered by their practices. However, we have learnt from the past not to leave anything to chance, so the Iraqi Hezbollah and other gangs should come to terms with the fact that Kuwait is totally different from the way they envisage it.
The port project will be completed on time, whether they like it or not, so the Iranian ‘players’ should learn from their previous experiences. They must realize that the end is near for the ‘Mullah regime’, considering the resistance of the Iranian people grows stronger day after day. It might be too late for the Hezbollah members, ‘Mahdi’ forces and other gangs, to cry over spilt milk.
-This commentary was published in The Arab Times on 21/07/2011
-Ahmed Al-Jarallah is the editor-in-chief of The Arab Times and the Kuwaiti Arab daily Assyassah

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