Monday, June 13, 2011

Kuwait: For Royals A Neutral Place

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

The rays of the sun cannot be covered with a sieve. This statement best describes the ongoing dispute between members of the ruling family. It has become one of the hottest topics in some forums, newspapers and media outfits. However, every participant in discussions has been using the issue to implement their own agenda, whether it is right or not. It is now time to face the problem rather than simply alluding to it.

Unfortunately, there are disputes but everyone must realize that in systems similar to ours, disagreements remain within the boundaries of the ruling family. These disputes are settled within those borders and issues are resolved decisively even through coercion, if the need arises. The members of the ruling family should distance the public from their own disputes. They should not take sides, even if the agendas of certain parties are legal and constitutional. Their position and role entail that they remain neutral.
The Constitution guarantees the citizens’ freedom of expression and this is an indisputable matter. The citizens have the right to express their ideas. However, in the end, they remain citizens and not figures from the ruling family, which must prioritize the interests of the public before anything else. Whatever contradicts the interests of the country must be dealt with cautiously or rejected to avoid mixing things up.

We regret to remind anyone who wants to address issues concerning the people that he must first resolve conflicts between the ruling family members for them to be on solid ground every time they bring violators to book. It is even more regrettable that some members of the ruling family have participated in demonstrations organized by a small group. Although these demonstrations are limited, we still want to reiterate that they are ineffective, while those who participate in them have the right to voice their opinions and we have to listen to them and defend their right.
Some ruling family members, who are supposed to be neutral and above all agendas, are actually upping the tempo of these demonstrations. Their participation can be public or clandestine. Some of them even enflame public sentiments whenever disputes take place within the ruling family. These scenarios make us scared of what the future might bring us due to the irresponsible acts of a few people.

Ruling family members, who fight over concepts or positions, may think they can reach their goals through causing riots on the streets. They follow whatever movement takes place and try to compete with others in this regard. These members do not serve the ruling family, themselves or even the country, and this is something they should know. They must be deterred from embarking on such adventures as they are not rulers and they are not drums struck by sticks.
Yes, we cannot cover the rays of the sun with a sieve, because there is an apparent flaw. Nevertheless, the restoration must take place within the ruling house, which cannot be dealt with through leniency. It needs decisiveness as we are building a nation and citizens. We are establishing a relationship between a deep-rooted ruling house and citizens, who live according to the standards of the current times. Everyone must realize this, because in such matters, everybody shares the responsibility; hence, there is no room for blaming others. The members of the ruling house are here to rule, not to do anything else. They must understand that they are the rulers of this country, not competitors with its people. They must realize that the Al-Erada Square has its own people.

Even if the gatherings in the square succeed in bringing change, they will undoubtedly not be part of the new situation. They will be placed elsewhere. Ruling houses in the region and systems similar to ours have been pushing their members away from mistakes through leniency and rebuke. In such houses, the young do not dare stand in the face of the old. They obey the orders and if these rituals are not followed, they are scolded within the boundaries of the ruling family. This is how matters should be settled in Kuwait. We pray that they overcome whatever goes inside their souls, especially when they commit sins.
-This commentary was published in The Arab Times on 13/06/2011
-Ahmed Al-Jarallah is the editor-in-chief of The Arab Times and the daily Kuwaiti Assyassah

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