Monday, May 2, 2011

Threat Reveals Iran Delusions

By Ahmed al-Jarallah
This commentary was published in The Arab Times on 02/05/2011

The chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces General Hassan Fairouzabadi has, as usual, missed the target and hit his own regime in its Achilles’ heel by making empty threats and revealing through them, the delusions of Iran.

Some officials in the mullah’s regime still imagine that they are living in the ancient Persian rulers’ era. Hence, they issue statements and distort facts to serve their expansionist goals. In fact, they inherited these goals from their emperor who destroyed the state with his arrogant expansion plans. Iran’s leaders wrongly believe that whenever they raise the ceiling of their threats, the world shakes in fear of them. It is as if they have not learnt from the Saddam Hussain lesson that the world looks down at those who make empty threats.

Fairouzabadi didn’t manage to hurt a single hair of any Gulf citizen by threatening the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Did he think the world forces will shake at such threats?

Iran is making a major miscalculation as it will not be able to go through a battle that it knows it will lose and will be destructive. It is good that the statement came from the highest military position in Iran so that idiots loyal to Iran know the amount of evil it is hiding from everyone including maybe those who are promoting and supporting its ideology. The Persian claim of owning the Arabian Gulf does not only mean the Gulf, it actually extends to the whole Arab world as Iran considers it its strategic perimeter.

Those who are still glorifying the Persians must realize what is coming towards them. This threat is only the result of revealing of all hidden cards in the Iranian bag of tricks.

We warned some time ago that the mullah’s regime considers today’s Iran an extension of the ancient Persian empire. It views the Arab world as its prey and is awaiting a chance to jump at it.

This regime views the residents of the Arab world as the Bani Bakr tribes who are still paying tribute and taxes to the emperor. The Persians might even be thinking that the wheel of time has stopped at that point of time in history and that no message was spread by the Prophet (PBUH) to the whole region and world; a message that has conquered empires by raising the flag of Islamic tolerance. Iran itself embraced Islam to be saved from war.

It is not the responsibility of Arabs that the lust of expansion is blinding the vision of Tehran’s leaders so much that they cannot see the facts as they are. It is not Arabs’ responsibility that they imagine that the world has no population, history or sovereign states. However, the rotten Persian souls must know that times have changed a lot. They should know that the threats of Fairouzabadi and his mullahs no longer generate fear among people. They only strengthen Gulf solidarity and make it stronger than ever before. These threats also must erase any doubt in those who are starting to bet on Tehran and in those idiots who make themselves the trumpets of this regime. Time has come for them to know its reality. They should not swallow their tongues or allow the Persian cats to eat them before we hear them condemning these threats and those who make them. In that way, they will express their national belonging and we will know if they really belong to their Arab nations and are not blinded by their enthusiasm for the Revolutionary Guard.

In the meantime, Iran must know that people in the Gulf states, including Shiites and Sunnis, will not abandon their national identity. They will respond to those threats through their solidarity. The deluded minority does not represent anyone amongst their peoples. Anyone amongst that minority having a belonging to anything but their land and people must go back to where they belong. They have no place on this good land that has taught its nations the real meaning of belonging.

The mullah’s regime must now stop its useless threatening policy. It must realize that its end will not be at the hands of the region’s nations. That end will come through the Iranian people who are fed up of oppression and suppression. The Iranian people can no longer tolerate the decades-long dominance of expansion-obsessed minority. These threats are nothing but a new nail added by Iranian officials in the coffin of their regime. Their empty noise is the evidence of death gargling during their final moments.

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