Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hezbollah Parrots Iran

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah  
This commentary was published in The Arab Times on 28/05/2011

Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, in his recent speech, did not go beyond the instructions given by his masters in Tehran. He did not say anything new and made the same attacking noises as ever. 

Nasrallah, however, revealed in clear terms his political identity and his passion for political assassinations, maiming, killing and massacres which are the hallmarks of his identity and which do not require further explanations or proof beyond incidents of the past years. The last of such acts includes support to the mysterious massacres perpetrated by security agents and monstrous gangs against citizens who are just demanding reform in Syria. Nasrallah calls for giving the bloody government a chance, which in reality means encouraging further bloodletting and detention of people in prisons. The Syrian government, instead of adopting an amicable solution by implementing reforms, chose the language of force as a means of dialogue with citizens.

It is not surprising that Nasrallah described the Syrian Baath government as ‘resistant’ and reformist. We can imagine the kind of resistance the Baathi government has been making as the Syrian-Israeli border has been peaceful for the past 40 years and it did not take any notable action to liberate Golan Heights from occupation. What kind of resistance permits dialogues with Israel? As for reforms, President Assad has been talking about it for the past 11 years, but citizens only see killings, detention, and intensified restrictions on their liberty and freedom of expression. It seems Nasrallah and his party, which perpetrate the worst clampdown on people’s liberty in areas they control through a parallel government against the country’s wishes, consider the gagging of people’s mouths, political assassinations and oppressing the populace as resistance and reform. 

Nasrallah remained silent for one month and when he spoke he deliberately distorted facts and upturned the balance by calling the Persian expansionist conspiracy a revolution. And he described revolution against the oppressive government as a conspiracy. Does he think people can be swayed by outdated speeches that can’t even convince toddlers? 

It is clear that any stoppage of finance from Iran to Hezbollah, as well as closure of the ‘destructive door’ by Syria will make Nasrallah and his resistance group a forgone issue. Also, those who hail him now will turn against him and all his legions will hide in North Lebanon and none will remain in the South. In such a scenario, all his so-called missiles will become useless. There is a popular saying ‘I am speaking to the daughter-in-law for my neighbor to hear.’ In this case, Nasrallah is threatening Israel through his menacing speech to Lebanese people and is trying to show off that he has ammunition. According to one of his speeches, Israel should listen to him or else it will witness another “May 7 seventy fold.”  

The last speech of Nasrallah was possibly revelation of bankruptcy, because all keen followers noticed horror, panic, haste and jitteriness. He could not hide his fear of the unknown after Iranian citizens took to the street demanding their freedom, as well as by the outcry against Nasrallah and his party. The implosion in the Iranian government and intense international sanctions on the country have gradually dried the sea of finance. The problem is complicated by indications of Syrian government collapse due to the national revolution. This means Nasrallah has read a speech to condole his party and the wicked governments that were protecting him.

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