Saturday, May 21, 2011

Egypt Judiciary is'Independent'

By Ahmed al-Jarallah
This commentary was published in The Arab Times on 21/05/2011

Everybody knows that the great Egyptian judiciary has been maintaining its independence since ages. It ignores the ranting of people and depends only on documental evidence, because public outcries are led by emotion and ignore evidence and proof. Therefore, everybody is assured that the great judiciary will never deviate under any circumstances and also not give in to public outcry, no matter how loud the noise.

Many people have been speculating about the possible amount of wealth in possession of those in detention while the investigation is still going on. Some of them do not have proof, but revelations from the judge, whose ruling will be final, paint a different picture. The masses do not possess the authority to pre-judge a person, a leader, a minister or businessperson. We want to clarify here that we are not using this medium to defend former president Hosni Mubarak, his wife and children or any Egyptian or non-Egyptian minister or businessman for that matter.

Some people are possibly unaware that businessmen seize opportunities and expand their operations. This they do by employing thousands of people who in turn activate economic activities in their countries. Businesspeople seize opportunities to avoid getting into the hands of neophytes. If there is any lapse in this aspect, people should blame those who did not take the lapses into consideration rather than disrupting projects and making people jobless. We should not call those who lose sleep to develop projects as thieves stealing national wealth. Such behavior violates principles of sound economic transactions. Moreover, heeding to public outcries or doing anything outside the constitutional axis will impede efforts to restore Egypt’s old glory.

Turmoil usually leads to the unknown and is capable of destroying the economy of the country. Egyptian military leader Hussein Al-Tantawi, in his last speech, indicated that Egypt is moving in that direction. The man has been telling the public that the recent development had knocked confidence in the national economy and aggravated the crises.

Coming back to the Egyptian judiciary, we know that it is independent and deals with people fairly. Public outcry never determines the course of judgment. We agree that the populace has the right to demand reforms, but they should realize that anybody who expects loyalty should also be loyal. They should understand that Egyptian judiciary is as solid as a rock and does not pass judgments based on external outcry.

According to our ancestors, the plaintiff and the defendant always hold contrary opinions about the judge. One supports the judge, while the other opposes, but he shouldn’t stand by any of them. In fact, justice and the Constitution should show him the way out. He remains the custodian of justice, with a firm belief in the fact that butter will dry but what benefits human beings remains on ground forever.

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