Monday, March 21, 2011

Sounds Of The Persian Horn

By Ahmad al-Jarallah
This commentary was published in The Arab Times on 21/03/2011

ONE of the wonders of our times is the delusional claim of Hassan Nasrallah that he is the savior of nations. He declared himself as the liberator of nations as if he were the Arab counterpart of Che Guevara, while hiding in the basements of the southern suburb. Nasrallah cannot even meet his supporters personally. He addresses them through the television, so how can he claim to be the ultimate ruler?

What is even worse is his illusion that he can use his weapons to eliminate other factions in Lebanon. He thinks he can curtail their freedom and stop them from expressing their opinions, as if he were the one and only power in the world that controls the destinies of all nations. Nasrallah and his party seem oblivious to the fact that nations can only be patient for a limited period, after which they become fed up and issue a very harsh judgment. Only then will Nasrallah realize his end.

He may not also be aware that in his televised speeches, as he blabbers to spread division and sedition between nations and their governments, he forgets that the nations are free to make their own choices, especially in terms of their relationship with their governments and rulers. These nations do not need the sound of a Persian ‘horn’. They are not hostages to the power of his weapons like the residents of the southern suburb.

Nasrallah must wash his hand of the Lebanese blood that he spilled before he extends it to support what he calls “the revolutions of the people”. He must first extend it to his national partners and handover the weapons of his militias to the state’s army, and not threaten the destiny of four million Lebanese.

This person, who has been hiding in the den, must realize that Bahrain does not need his speeches. Majority of its people know who he really is and they know that his movements are controlled by the Iranian Revolutionary Army. The people of Bahrain know themselves well and they fully understand the nature of their relationship with the ruling family in their country. The people supported the ruling family when a group representing the Mullahs tried to sabotage the security and stability of the Kingdom. It is then enough to say that the Bahrainis have refused to bow to external and regional forces, similar to what Nasrallah did when he led Lebanon to wars that caused massacres in favor of the Persian expansionist scheme. 

It is sufficient for Bahrain to have a government that is not hostage to the calculations of Hezbollah and other followers of the terrorist evil project, which merely sabotages the security of several countries. Nasrallah prevents his people from having a government that runs their daily affairs; thereby, speeding up the security and economic collapse of Lebanon.

If you have no shame, then you are allowed to do whatever you want. Political agents are the most shameless because they usually commit the worst crimes against their own people. This is why their people do not count on them, especially if we talk about the Bahrainis whose awareness and sense of national belonging are stronger than the delusions of Nasrallah and his employers in Iran.

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