Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bint Najd The “Instigator”!

By Jameel Theyabi
This commentary was published in al-Hayat on 29/11/2010

When the Saudi Interior Ministry made its last statement public, I received phone calls from television channels, some of which were Arab and others foreign, asking: How do you interpret the presence of this large number of Saudis in the terrorist cells, to the point where they have become a common denominator and the main elements in the terrorist plots? Why are there Saudi young men participating in the implementation of terrorist acts and planning explosions in America, Europe, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia itself?

The last statement revealed that the terrorist groups are still able to infiltrate the young Saudi circles, influence them and recruit them once again, especially taking into consideration the high number of arrestees. There are 149 young men involved in terrorist activities, including 124 Saudis – who are young for the most part - and 25 from other nationalities. The activities of the latter are divided among nineteen cells operating in a number of areas in the Kingdom, enjoying foreign connections and ideological Takfiri ties and planning the implementation of terrorist acts and assassinations against security men, officials, journalists and innocent civilians.

In this context, the Saudi Interior Ministry must be commended for its composure, readiness and the accumulation of its skills and the ability of its men to dismantle these cells, thus thwarting terrorist acts which were about to be implemented in many countries and could have shaken the world once again and taken it back to a stage that is bloodier than the September 11 attacks. The last of these accomplishments was the uncovering of the plot of the booby-trapped parcels.

Ever since the September 11 attacks, Saudi Arabia has deployed massive efforts to protect the Saudi youth from the ideas of terrorism and extremism. It is continuously trying to rehabilitate “the deceived” as they are referred to by the Interior Ministry, in order to reintroduce them to the community. Men of science, writers and journalists interacted with these efforts in order to expose the foundations of ideological and religious terrorism, while religious scholars tended to the religious facets and repeatedly put forward the position of Islam vis-à-vis extremism, terrorism and killings. For their part, experts mobilized their capacities to explain the social, educational and psychological reasons behind this phenomenon, as well its economic, security and political impacts on the country and the people. As for the legal experts, they proved that the law by which the state governs and is governed is the Koran and the Sunna, i.e. the Islamic Shari’a which the terrorists claim to be implementing on the ground. In the meantime, the media outlets did not spare an effort to convey the scenes of destruction, killings, sadness and the corpses of the innocent.

Is it not puzzling that in light of this gigantic effort and the ongoing awareness campaigns, we are still hearing about new sabotage plans targeting this country’s sons among others? Is it not sad to see the confiscation of massive amounts of money collected to support the terrorists from inside the country? Is it not painful to see over 124 Saudis – most of whom are young of age – becoming implicated in new terrorist cells seeking the killing and terrorization of the citizens?!

Is it not odd after all these “difficult” years that some among us are still supporting, funding, and sympathizing with terrorism while spreading its poison over the Internet? Is it not upsetting that women are turning into “terrorists” through a “criminal” electronic knowledge allowing them to instigate terrorism, recruit on its behalf and sanctify its leaders?!

Many facts were revealed by the last statement of the Interior Ministry, namely the fact that terrorism is like a chronic illness that has no cure except for awaiting death. This urgently necessitates the changing of certain soft terms with which these terrorist elements are referred to, considering that no Saudi citizen, whether a man or a woman, young or old, who is implicated in terrorism, should be called “the deceived.” This is due to the fact that this person chose that criminal path and chose to join its cells while fully aware of the consequences, especially as this person has access to the religious, state and societal stands which all condemn and ban this affliction.

Over five IDs (Al-Assad al-Muhajer, Al-Ghariba, Bint Najd al-Habiba, Al-Najm al-Sateh) with extremist connotations are used by a woman to spread terrorist ideas and draw young men and women. Qatel, Anwar, Al-Muhebb Bi Allah and Abu Rayan among others, are all nicknames whose users were arrested and should be ousted them from the web and from our lives, so that we are able to secure a better future for our country.

How many women other than Bint Najd al-Habiba were recruited by the extremist organizations to harm the country and the people? How many women are using nicknames to promote Takfiri ideology and instigate explosions, especially since one of the extremists recognized years ago that he had around twenty nicknames and IDs all used to harm people, ruin their reputation and instigate against all those who disagree with him ideologically.

The latter errant people cannot be subjected to counseling and rehabilitation programs, while on the inside they are refusing to get rid of their “chronic” terrorist illnesses which have taken hold of their bodies and minds. The proper cure for their illness is their sanctioning, and better sooner than later.

The slogans and fronts of the Jihad have depleted this country’s youth. They are like real “viruses” which invade the Internet and necessitate suppression along with their ideas, so that they are a lesson to those who do not wish to learn on their own. Moreover, the likes of the latter among those seeking the spread of chaos and killings among the pilgrims in the holy sites and the exploitation of people’s charity, should only be met with eradication and shooting, since this is the only sanction they can understand.

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